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Why buildon theSAFE Network
The privacy-first network
Privacy and anonymity for your users. The Secure Access for Everyone (SAFE) Network is built to negate the prying eyes of internet interlopers with built-in encrypted communications.
Easy to use APIs in many languages, means you can focus on coding. No need to worry about your infrastructure or scaling costs here!
Open source
All SAFE Network libraries are open source, transparent and free to use.
Your application is the product, not your users' data
Users are always in control of their data, and with monetisation being built into the network, you can focus on making the best app, without selling your users short.
Network-wide sign-on
You don’t need to roll-your-own account management solutions, users log in once at the network level. With SAFE you have no passwords left to lose!
Truly collaborative applications
With data owned by users, you can share data across applications to create and reuse data sets in new ways!
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Learn about the tech behind the Network

The components involved in the SAFE Network range from clients, vaults, routing and low level networking.

Core Technology

The Network is in Alpha 2 and the APIs are subject to change. We do try to keep the APIs backward compatible as much as possible while the Network is progressing towards a stable beta.

Alpha 1
Initial alpha implementation enabling users to access MaidSafe managed nodes using the SAFE Launcher to use several demo applications.
Alpha 2
The Authenticator. The current release incorporating a more secure form of network access now bundled with the SAFE Browser.
Alpha 3
Secure Autonomous Network. An autonomous secure routing layer that will see the network architecture becoming more decentralised, enabling users to run routing nodes and providing secure transient data in the process.
Alpha 4
Secure autonomous data services. The addition of a storage layer through the reintroduction of user run vaults facilitating a much broader range of decentralised apps and use cases.
Data republish and network restarts. A security audit of the network. Test safecoin. Real-time network upgrades. Network validated upgrades.
In Progress